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This page is currently under construction. It will be full of downloadable Systemi tools, utilities, software and code you won't have seen before. 

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User Guide SAVF Source
WRKCMDR Work with Command References

Work with Command Reference is a method of consolidating 3rd party system tools, IBM commands, user commands and Job Schedule Entries.

Commands can be registered, maintained and run from within the application.  

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to directly call up the User Guide for the application. 

A mapped drive needs to be set up for the user for this. Copies of User Guides need to exist in /UserGuides in the IFS. The naming standard should follow the Command name ideally.  

In addition to “real” commands, standalone documents can be referenced. Similarly, links to websites can be created (bookmarked) and directly displayed on your desktop.


INSIMGPTF Install Image Catalog PTFs

How to download PTFs (and Cumulative Packs, Groups, Hipers, etc). How to load the images to the IFS, create a virtual optical drive, load and apply.

Full source to save manually adding image catalog entries. QVOIFIMG, IBM's utility didn't cope too well at different releases. This uses QSHELL to list the IFS images to create the image catalog for you.